The Desire to Keep Learning

Profile of a Nonprofit Center Certificate Student: Colleen Brooks

colleen brooks

“ We live in an ever changing world and ongoing education is one of the factors in the formula enabling us to do the best we can as we strive to serve others in the nonprofit sector.  Knowledge of the current nonprofit climate and implementation of necessary changes play an integral role in its success.”

Why I completed all Six Nonprofit Center Certificate Programs:
La Salle’s Certificate programs encompass a diverse array of topics relative to the operation of a nonprofit agency.  The attainment of a certificate represents the completion of a multi-faceted educational opportunity focusing on the “nuts and bolts” of each subject area.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge associated with each of the topics, which I believe has made me a better nonprofit manager.  Sharing information I learned and materials with co-workers and supervisors have helped enhance areas of operation in our organization.

Although desired, the ability to pursue a master’s degree has not been present due to a demanding work schedule and other factors.  These courses have afforded me the opportunity to continue my education, relevant to the nonprofit sector, and gain relevant and current knowledge regarding operation and management.  Overall,  it has been an extremely positive experience and having completed all six of the original certificate programs, and being enrolled in their newest certificate in marketing & communications, I would highly recommend these courses and the opportunities they offer.