What We Do for Nonprofits

When we say The Nonprofit Center is in the business of nonprofits, what does that mean for you?

  • The greatest depth of knowledge and services available for building the organizational effectiveness of the Greater Philadelphia region’s nonprofits, based on nearly 40 years of experience
  • An integrated, comprehensive approach to nonprofit operations,  management and governance
  • The combined wisdom of a varied team of experts providing education, training and consulting on your issues
  • An understanding of the culture that can’t be learned or taught, but has to be experienced.  As a nonprofit ourselves, we share a distinct connection to the values and realities that is the nonprofit sector
  • And ultimately it means transformation into the organization you want to be, with the bandwidth you need to function effectively, with The Nonprofit Center offering services, expertise and support through every stage of the process.

We didn’t just decide that there was profit to be made in the nonprofit sector, as many recent arrivals have.  We are part of that sector.  We have similar challenges, demands and motivations.  We speak your language because it’s our language too.

Capacity Building is Going Beyond Just Surviving

And capacity buildingwith intention –  is what we do at The Nonprofit Center, delivered through our diversity of programs, including:

  • 70 classes (with 30,000+ alumni) in key subjects that provide in-depth learning experiences for nonprofit staff, volunteers and board members,  which can be taken as individual courses or as part of one of our four Excellent Series (formerly known as Certificate Programs) that help create skilled professionals with the credentials to back it up (check out our comprehensive 2018-19 Education Guide); eligible for CEUs, CPEs, CWSEs and CFREs.  All are presented by professional instructors with the greatest depth of knowledge you’ll find.
  • Value-Added Consulting Services in a wide range of areas in planning, management, operation that build your organization’s (and its leaders’) capacity to create and implement programs that will achieve their goals and facilitates leadership transitions.  Expert Connections give you answers from a nonprofit consultant when you most need them.
  • On-Site Group Education to deliver a skill to multiple, staff, board, associates, for a shared learning experience that’s efficient, economical, personalized and convenient.
  • Peer Learning Circles for group problem-solving, support and leadership development.
  • Findnonprofitjobs.org/, a nonprofit jobs website that connects the right people with the right positions, including board and other volunteer roles.
  • Leadership Development programs and activities that strengthens today’s and tomorrow’s executive directors and board members.The 2018-19 School for Sustainability Education Guide is available online >>

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