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Addressing the Leadership Gap as Emerging Leaders Learn and Grow Together
Studies confirm that we achieve more when working in groups than as individuals.

If you’re paying attention, you’re aware of the coming leadership gap in the nonprofit sector.  Studies indicate that we now need to attract and develop 640,000 new senior managers to replace departing leaders.  That’s 2.4 times the current number currently employed in those roles. The Nonprofit Center’s own survey found that 71 percent of our current leaders plan to exit their jobs in the coming year.   So where will tomorrow’s nonprofit leaders come from?  How are they being prepared to take over these formidable responsibilities.  The future of the nonprofit world really lies in the answers to these questions.

Peer Leadership Learning Circles are a cutting-edge program The Nonprofit Center has developed, first to provide a unique forum for executive directors to jointly problem-solve, brainstorm and support each other.  We took this concept a step further by forming Leadership Learning Circles for Emerging Leaders and also for newer executive directors, for even more targeted peer interaction.    

Our leaders are among the top two resources (after funding, of course) we depend on to fulfill our missions.  The greatest gift you can give to ensure your organization’s future is to create a legacy of leadership by fostering its future leaders.

For years, nonprofit executive directors have found problem-solving strategies and shared emotional support through this program, which consists of groups of up to eight peers who meet monthly in two hour increments for eight months.  These professionally facilitated circles provide new insights in a supportive and confidential environment that enables them to learn from each other and share experiences that they would never raise with co-workers or board members.  This same theory is being successfully applied to future leaders and less experienced executive directors.

For more information about Peer Leadership Learning Circles for current or future leaders, contact Rob Fennell at [email protected]

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