Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an effective way to support and enhance leadership development in both current and aspiring nonprofit leaders.  Long embraced by the for-profit world, nonprofits have come to appreciate the value of coaching as an investment in key individuals and a dramatic contribution to developing strong managers who think and act strategically, while inspiring others.  Studies support the positive impact of executive coaching, yielding positive results like these:

  • 88% increase in productivity, when executive coaching is used in conjunction with management training, as compared to a 22% increase with management training alone
  • 77% improvement in working relationships with direct reports
  • high retention rates of executives who receiving coaching
  • 67% improvement in teamwork
  • 23% reduction in costs

The Nonprofit Center has long advocated a mix of activities to support leadership development, reflecting of a recent report from the Center for Creative Leadership that found the optimum mix of  70/20/10:  70%o on-the-job,  10% formal training, 20% coaching & mentoring.

Our experience has show that coaching results in stronger and more sustained leadership and confidence, enhancing leaders’ professional and personal development. Recognizing that nonprofit leaders often work in isolation, coaching has been found to ease this, while helping individuals cope with the endless stresses and challenges the role engenders.  With executive coaching resulting in greater leadership retention, enhanced employee satisfaction, improved working environment  and increased productivity, it is a contribution to the present and future state of your organization.

For more information about executive coaching from The Nonprofit Center, contact Lori Moffa, [email protected].