Best Practices for Nonprofit Sustainability – Part 2

While there is no single definition of best practices for nonprofits, there are proven standards and practices that foster sustainability and effectively guide staff and board.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Sustainability – Part 1

Following these best practices for nonprofits strengthen your organization and make it more sustainable.

Small Nonprofits Targeted for Special Assistance from The Nonprofit Center

The Nonprofit Center includes a small nonprofit learning center among its more than 70 classes in nonprofit skills that begin in September 2019. Online registration is now available at

Inside Advice on Perils of Skills-Based Volunteers

Nonprofit Business Advisor‘s  June 2018 issue features an interview with Laura Otten, director of The Nonprofit Center, in which she advises nonprofits on what they can reasonably expect from skills-based volunteers and where they should focus for best results. Read the whole interview here: Expert Warns Against Limits of Skills-based Volunteers

SHRM Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint/Investigation Procedure

While sexual harassment in the workplace is hardly a new issue and training programs have been going on for years, in the midst of the current  national reckoning, many nonprofits feel the need to be more proactive. The logical place to start is with effective sexual harassment workplace policies that management enforces. The Nonprofit Center.

Nonprofit Resilience Institute for South Jersey Nonprofit Organizations

  The  Nonprofit Resilience Institute, from the Community Foundation of South Jersey, Campbell Soup Foundation and The Nonprofit Center, is now accepting applications for nonprofits based in southern NJ. Community Foundation of South Jersey Application:  Deadline:  12/7/16 Recognizing that strong nonprofit executive and board leadership is key for community improvement and sustainability, the Community Foundation of.

Region’s Nonprofits Lag in Economic Recovery

A survey by The Nonprofit Center shows that more than half of Greater Philadelphia nonprofits have experienced little or no economic recovery.

Nonprofit Pennsylvania Salary and Benefits Report

Nonprofits rely on research to set appropriate pay and benefits for new staff and hires and to justify organization compensation levels to their boards, the IRS and the general public. The 2015 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey will help your organization understand trends, stay competitive, attract and keep the best talent.

News from The Nonprofit Center

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Research on the Nonprofit Sector

Under the leadership of Director Laura Otten, Ph.D., The Nonprofit Center continues to take a leadership role in research that furthers education and contributes to capacity-building in the nonprofit sector.


The Nonprofit Center staff is working remotely, but we are all reachable via email.  We have postponed all classes through the end of April.  Scheduled webinars are still running and our webinar library is available. If you need to us, you'll find email addresses on this website under Staff or Contact Us.  Stay well.