Day of Visioning Board Retreat

The Next Step in Your Organization’s
Transformation Journey

Your organization took bold action when it participated in a Day of Clarity retreat or a Best Practices in Board Governance program, both pivotal steps forward in a journey of transformation for a high functioning board.

When it’s time for the next stage of that process, a Nonprofit Center Day of Visioning will propel board members through a full-day, intensive strategic thinking session, built upon the discussions and outcomes from the previous Day of Clarity or board training, and fully informed by the final report.

Some boards continue moving forward after their first retreat, but find they need guidance on implementing the thinking.  Others may have hit obstacles or are foundering as they attempt to make progress.  Either scenario is jump-started through this visioning session that mobilizes board members to continue the process of strategic reflection.

The Visioning session is grounded in the work the board has already done, while taking a fresh look, often in the context of changing circumstances and environment.   With the help of your expert facilitator (sometimes the previous consultant; other times an expert tailored to the specific interest you’ve identified), you address likely questions, include:

·         It’s been a year, so what’s next?

·         The situation has changed, how do we adapt our plans? Reprioritize without losing the original vision?  Maintain our momentum?

·         We’ve worked on the simpler stuff, how to we dig in on the tougher problems we’ve been avoiding or haven’t yet tackled.

·         It’s time to focus on a specific issue, like fund-development, building the board, HR concerns, etc.

You’ve already seen what your board can accomplish with a Nonprofit Center board retreat.  Continue the work you’ve started, get re-energized, galvanized, mobilized with a Day of Visioning.

Have a discussion about all you can do in a day with Rob Fennell, [email protected]