Strategic Planning Streamlined: A New Approach to Strategic Planning

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make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods:

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Surprisingly Affordable

When you think of all the misgivings about undertaking strategic planning in your organization, what usually comes to mind is cost, time-commitment, absence of board engagement and need for direction.

How do you combat these very real concerns, yet create a practical and achievable plan?

With Strategic Planning Streamlined from The Nonprofit Center.

For the organization that wants a shorter process that directly involves the board in the creation of the plan, Strategic Planning Streamlined is an efficient and more affordable approach.  For the organization that hasn’t previously done strategic planning, or is seeking a fresh look Application for Strategic Planning Streamlined at an existing plan, Strategic Planning Streamlined can meet those needs.

Under the direction of a strategic planning consultant who conducts data collection, facilitates a board retreat that results in established goals, board and staff will be guided through the process of writing its own strategic plan, based on proven templates created by The Nonprofit Center through its experience with hundreds of strategic plans for nonprofits of every size and mission.   The consultant also guides the organization through development of action plans to eliminate what is often a major stumbling block.  The work is backed by the 35 years of expertise of The Nonprofit Center.

What to expect from Strategic Planning Streamlined?

This basic strategic planning process brings you the objectivity of an expert whose role is to keep all the participants on task and the project on track  so that the plan itself and the resulting implementation plan can be completed in a six-month time frame.

You will have a plan that reflects your organization’s culture because ultimately, it is written by you, under the careful guidance, advising and facilitating of a professional consultant.

This approach means both the board and staff are involved and therefore invested in the process, a failing of so many other strategic planning processes.  The board’s involvement in the visioning process, in particular,  means they emerge stronger and more committed to the agreed-upon goals.

We understand that Strategic Planning Streamlined is not for every organization, which is why we’ve created an application process that can help determine if it is the right fit, based on type, size and complexity of your nonprofit.   As a comprehensive  and diverse capacity-building organization, The Nonprofit Center specializes in comprehensive strategic planning, so that you find the process that suits the complexities and uniqueness of your organization.

A strategic planning process that is engaging on multi-levels, timely and surprisingly affordable, is worth exploring.

Submit this simple online Application and submit it to Lori Moffa, [email protected] to find out if Strategic Planning Streamlined is the right fit for your organization.

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