Certificates Discount Package

Expanding your own professional skills (or those of staff) is a serious commitment.  The Nonprofit Center supports and encourages the effort to build nonprofit leaders with a new discounted package price for any of our Certificates  that allows you to save up to 35% over the already discounted member price.

If you’re someone who prefers to plan ahead and know your class schedule so that you can register and pay up front and not risk being shut out of a full class, the Certificate Package is perfect.

To qualify for the package, you must be a current  Member of The Nonprofit Center (at any level), which provides many additional benefits.*

Our 70 classes are described online and in our  2019-20 Education Guide.  The pages on each our three Certificates (including the popular build-your-own customized series) list the certificate package discounted rate.

Nonprofit Management Certificate Package Application>
Fundraising Certificate Application 
Customized Certificate Discount Package Application

Questions?  215-991-3676 or email [email protected]

*If you spread your classes out over more than one year, your membership must be current to qualify for this deeply discounted package rate.