Corporate Social Responsibility Fostered through Training for Nonprofit Board Service

“The Nonprofit Center’s leadership development programs mesh perfectly with PECO’s interest in encouraging its employees to support their communities through nonprofit board service.  The interest in these programs grows each year, as more employees appreciate the insights and knowledge these customized programs offer them toward making their nonprofit board memberships more impactful and fulfilling.  The Center works collaboratively with us to create programs that meet our scheduling demands, corporate goals and budget, while continuing to exceed succeed expectations.”
Romona Riscoe Benson, Director, Corporate Relations, PECO

corporate board trainingLong before the term corporate social responsibility became part of our lexicon, The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University recognized the unique contributions that the business world could make to nonprofits and vice versa, by preparing individuals for informed and enlightened board service through a range of specialized training programs presented on-site and tailored to corporate audiences.

Corporations recognize that encouraging employees to serve on nonprofit boards provides a dual benefit to their business — it embodies core values of a socially responsible company and helps fulfill employees’ desire to serve their communities and causes that matter.

Our nearly four decade history of building and strengthening the nonprofit sector, first in our region, and now, increasingly throughout the country, makes The Nonprofit Center uniquely positioned to facilitate successful nonprofit board membership.  Through our board leadership programs, which can be a single class, a series or a comprehensive Certificate in Board Leadership, we foster a mutually satisfying relationship between the individual and the corporation he or she represents and the nonprofit organization to be served.

Recognizing that each corporation has its own culture and needs, we collaborate to customize programs that will meet specific needs, interests, schedules and characteristics.  An additional option completes the process by matching the trained employees with nonprofit organizations whose mission meets their own passions.

As we work with each company to present a program that is relevant, memorable and worthy of the investment, we create a corps of community leaders with the understanding of best practices in board leadership, a commitment to working with an organization in which they believe, and providing community organizations who are well-prepared to fulfill the role of enlightened board service.

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