Certificate in Nonprofit Management

So essential it’s offered multiple times a year, day and night!

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management  provides you with a diverse and well-balanced knowledge of nonprofit administration and operation. The broad-based curriculum, which looks at the entire nonprofit ecosystem, includes board development, communications, financial management, fundraising, human resources and supervision, program evaluation, and strategic planning, preparing the leaders of our region’s nonprofit sector to be strategic, efficient and effective.

Two ways; same content

Our traditional way of providing this signature Certificate is through ten, full-day, face-to-face week day classes*.  (For 2020/21, due to the pandemic, these full-day classes are being offered virtually.)  Ten days, over 4.5 months or ten days over nine months or ten days with up to three years to complete the Certificate. The choice is yours. 

Beginning in January 2021, there will be a new option:  a virtual certificate with each of the ten classes offered live and synchronously in 1.5 hour segments in the evening (from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm) over the course of four weeks.  Ten classes over 11 months or ten classes with up to three year to take all ten.   Again, the choice is yours.

To make it even easier for you to get this vital credential, you can mix and match the formats.  You can take all face-to-face classes, all virtual evening classes, or mix and match to fit your schedule. Recognizing the value that this certificate can bring to your career, we are making it easier than ever to make it yours.

* The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is offered directly through us in Philadelphia (twice) and also at Bucks County Community College (in Newtown) or Northampton Community College (in Bethlehem). 

“I am very happy that I enrolled in your Nonprofit Management Certificate… it was more concise than other programs would have been; it was taught by seasoned professionals who are highly respected in their fields, and offered a great value for the money. Having entered the nonprofit world only two years ago, with no real knowledge of how they work, the program helped me to understand more about how nonprofits operate (or should operate) to be successful. The instructors were engaging and provided personal experiences that added to the subject matter of each course. I want to thank Laura Otten and her team of instructors for a great experience. I can’t wait to take another program!”
Terri Galaro, Finance/Development Assistant, Princeton Area Community Foundation

It is especially valuable to new executive directors, senior management on the leadership track, as well as those who wish to refresh their knowledge to be completely confident in their diversity of skills and comprehension.

This Certificate is worth 5.5 Continuing Education Units* from The Nonprofit Center, 55 CFRE Points* and requires 10 full day classes,  listed below:

  • Building a Successful Marketing Program
  • Effective Communication to Build Relationships, Engagement & Understanding
  • Effective Nonprofit Governance: How Boards Should Work
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources
  • Keys to Successful Strategic Planning
  • Learn to Love Program Evaluation
  • Nonprofit Management 101
  • What Makes a Superior Leader? Creating and Mastering a Successful Leadership Style.

Current dates and descriptions of classes can be found here

*for 2020/21 and for full day classes. CEUs and CFREs may be more if any classes are attended in-person in previous/future years and are 6.0 CEUs and 60 CFREs for the online/evening certificate.

Package Price:  $1098 (Requires Membership, with a savings of more than 20% over the already discounted member rate)
Member Rate:  $1251
Non-member Rate: $1690

Certificate application forms for 2020/21:

“After 25 years directing nonprofit projects and organizations I wondered if {The Nonprofit Center’s} program could offer me new approaches that could be readily applied in my current and future positions. What I experienced was consistent, enlightening information and insight, delivered by seasoned professionals, and supported by real-world examples and case studies. I believe my colleagues would benefit from digging out of the trenches of our collective good work long enough to refresh the skills that will help them not just endure these times, but come out the other side stronger.”
-Linda Helm Kraph, Former Executive Director, Printmaking Center of NJ

“Coming out of the retail world, I knew very little about nonprofit management.  The wealth of knowledge that the instructors at The Nonprofit Center provided helped get Deputy Dog started and really has been critical to our decision-making along the way.”
-Mark Stieber, Executive Director, Main Line Deputy Dog 

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We are grateful to Laura Solomon, Esq. & Associates for their ongoing support of The Nonprofit Center’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

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