Maximizing the Return on your Consulting Project

A Free Program for Nonprofit Organizations & Funders

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A consulting project is a major investment for any nonprofit.  Being well-informed about the process can make the difference between a successful project that achieves the desired objectives or that gets mired down in disappointment and unmet expectations.

During this session, Lori Moffa, The Nonprofit Center’s Consulting Director, who has been on both sides of the consulting equation (as a consultant and as a nonprofit staffer) will share her expertise, discussing the key components that comprise a consulting project from making the decision whether to undertake one, to hiring a consultant, to the clarification of roles, sample RFPs, and contract negotiation.

Nonprofit staff and board members will gain the ability to exert greater control over any future consulting projects confident that they are following best practices that provide greater assurance of success. Funders benefit from an enhanced ability to evaluate a grantee’s readiness to undertake a successful consulting effort, increasing the value of grants that support such projects.

This presentation will be relevant to you and your organization, whether your interest in hiring a consultant lies in strategic or business planning, fundraising, finances or some other aspect of organizational development.  It can be offered as a group presentation free of charge.

Contact us at [email protected] about bringing this presentation to your foundation, organization or group.