Consultants & Instructors

  • Allison Trimarco

    Allison Trimarco

    Instructor - Governance, Fundraising, Strategic Planning

    About Allison Trimarco (She/Her) Allison Trimarco is the owner of Creative Capacity, a consulting firm that collaborates with nonprofits to find creative solutions to management challenges. She works … Read more

  • Ann O’Brien

    Ann O’Brien

    About Ann O’Brien (She/Her) After more than three decades in a variety of leadership and other roles in the nonprofit sector, Ann O’Brien is excited to be bringing her extensive experience and… Read more

  • Audrey Croley Little

    Audrey Croley Little

    Consultant - Human Resources, Executive Coaching, Compensation Studies, Executive Transitions

    About Audrey Croley Little (She/Her) Audrey has extensive leadership experience in all components of human resources management, including compensation, rewards, performance management, talent managem… Read more

  • Babette Racca

    Babette Racca

    Interim Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessment, Governance

    About Babette Racca  Babette Racca’s career spans forty years in nonprofit management, including several executive positions at agencies including Girl Scouts, the YMCA, a charter school consultant… Read more

  • Chenora Burkett

    About Chenora Burkett (She/Her) Chenora D. Burkett is the owner of BrchBurk Consulting, a firm supports the financial and operational needs of small local companies and non-profit entities. She has mo… Read more

  • Chris Armstrong

    Chris Armstrong

    Instructor - Program Evaluation

    About Chris Armstrong  A Professor of Communication at Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus. In addition to a wide variety of communication courses, Chris also teaches Research Methods at … Read more

  • Christopher Barrett-Politan

    Christopher Barrett-Politan

    Consultant - Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Interim Executive Director, Executive Coaching

    About Christopher Barret – Politan  Christopher Barrett Politan is the principal of Give, Get, Grow – a Philanthropic Advisory and nonprofit consulting firm. His client focus has traditio… Read more

  • Cynthia Mullins

    Cynthia Mullins

    About Cynthia Mullins (She/Her/Hers) CEO and Founder of Baldwin Rise Advisory Services International legal counsel and HR officer, certified human resources professional (SHRM-CP), management professo… Read more

  • Dennis Maurice Dumpson

    Dennis Maurice Dumpson

    Consultant & Instructor - DEI, Fundraising, Strategic Planning

    About Dennis Maurice Dumpson  Dennis Maurice Dumpson is a focused leader. His vocation is staunchly planted in Inclusive Community Building; Antiracism; Building Capacity for Communities in Need; and… Read more

  • Gary Hines

    Gary Hines

    About Gary Hines (He/Him) Gary Hines is a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience in Workforce Development, Education, Project Management and Program Development. Gary is the P… Read more

  • Hawwa Muhammad

    Hawwa Muhammad

    About Hawwa Muhammad (She/Her/Hers) Hawwa Muhammad, Founder of Pink Trumpet, is a seasoned social impact consultant dedicated to supporting mission-driven organizations. Using her decade-long experien… Read more

  • Jean Dolan

    Jean Dolan

    Instructor - Communications

    About Jean Dolan (She/Her) Jean CS Dolan is a communication strategist, writer and educator with exceptional proficiency and leadership in promoting an organization’s mission and objectives. She’s… Read more

  • Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones

    About Jeffrey Jones Jeffrey Jones, founder and Senior Consultant for GDA Consulting is certified by the University of Pennsylvania as a social impact strategist and financial planner. Jeffrey has deca… Read more

  • Jenn Richards

    Jenn Richards

    About Jenn Richards (She/Her) Jenn is a nonprofit consultant with twenty years of experience in fundraising, strategic communications, project management, capacity building, change management, and pro… Read more

  • Jennifer Shropshire

    Jennifer Shropshire

    Consultant and Instructor - Governance, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching

    About Jennifer Shropshire (She/Her) Jennifer Shropshire is honored to have worked in the nonprofit sector for more than three decades, including as a consultant in partnership with Edward (Ted) Swenso… Read more

  • Kate Rivera

    Kate Rivera

    About Kate Rivera (She/Her) Kate Rivera is the Founder of Kate Rivera Solutions and the Executive Director of the Technology Learning Collaborative, a nonprofit focused on digital equity. She has a br… Read more

  • Keith R. Black, Esq

    Keith R. Black, Esq

    Consultant - Culture Building, HR functional analysis, and HR organizational design

    About Keith R. Black Keith Black is the founder and Principal at Employment Practices Outsourcing, LLC, a national consultancy focused on conducting workplace investigations, delivering Respectful Wor… Read more

  • Kenny Nguyen

    Kenny Nguyen

    About Kenny Nguyen (He/Him/His) Kenny Nguyen (he/him) is an experienced nonprofit professional whose focus is on youth leadership, community safety, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights. Kenny’s passio… Read more

  • Laura Line

    Laura Line

    Consultant - Collaborations and Mergers, Social Enterprise

    About Laura Line  Principal at Bowling Business Strategies, is a builder and strategist with a passion for helping organizations achieve their goals and increase their impact. With over 30 years work… Read more

  • Linda Helm Krapf

    Linda Helm Krapf

    Consultant - Interim Executive Director, Governance, Organizational Assessment, Executive Coaching

    About Linda Helm Krapf (She/Hers) Linda Helm Krapf is a creative and strategic integrator of issues, ideas, people, organizations, and communities. As an entrepreneurial leader of local, regional, and… Read more

  • LiRon Anderson-Bell

    LiRon Anderson-Bell

    Instructor - Communications

    About LiRon Anderson-Bell LiRon Anderson-Bell is a strategic communication and digital media veteran with 20+ years’ experience across entertainment, consumer products and the pharmaceutical industr… Read more

  • Lynne Texter, Ph.D.

    Lynne Texter, Ph.D.

    Instructor - Communications

    About Lynne Texter Lynne A. Texter, Ph.D. An award-winning educator with teaching experience in the U.S., Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Greece, Lynne consults with a variety of organizations and sp… Read more

  • Lizan Highland

    Lizan Highland

    About Lizan Highland (She/Her) Highland Consults, LLC’s Founder and Senior Consultant, Lizan Highland, has over 10 years of experience in organization and operations development, through which she h… Read more

  • Mae	O’Brien, CFRE

    Mae O’Brien, CFRE

    Consultant - Fundraising, Interim Executive Director, Organizational Assessment

    About Mae O’Brien, CFRE (She/Her) I have worked in the nonprofit sector in leadership and fundraising roles for over 30 years. The nonprofit sector represents the third largest workforce in the … Read more

  • Maurice Taylor

    Maurice Taylor

    About Maurice Taylor (He/Him) With over two decades of dedicated service to nonprofit and community organizations, Maurice brings high level expertise in designing, implementing, and overseeing innova… Read more

  • Meghan Pierce

    Meghan Pierce

    Instructor - Marketing

    About Meghan Pierce An Associate Professor of Marketing at La Salle University.  While pursuing her Ph.D., Meghan consulted in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on participatory action research, beh… Read more

  • Meredith Sossman

    Meredith Sossman

    Instructor - Fundraising

    About Meredith Sossman An accomplished development professional and attorney, who has helped non-profits achieve better results through insight and experience in all aspects of giving and non-profit m… Read more

  • Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews

    Consultant and Instructor - DEI, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching

    About Michael Matthews  Michael received his Bachelors of Arts and Masters of Liberal Studies from the University of Miami, Florida and a Certificate in Non Profit Management from Case Western Reserv… Read more

  • Michael Schweisheimer

    Michael Schweisheimer

    Instructor - Video/Online events

    About Michael Schweisheimer Founder and executive producer of PWPvideo, is an award-winning filmmaker with experience behind the camera since 1991.  He has been involved in the creation of hundreds o… Read more

  • Michael Smith, Ph.D.

    Michael Smith, Ph.D.

    Instructor - Communications

    About Michael Smith (He/His) Michael Smith, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Digital Arts at La Salle. He teaches courses in public relations, organizational commu… Read more

  • Miranda Cohen

    Miranda Cohen

    About Miranda Cohen (She/Her) Miranda Cohen is a nonprofit consultant focused on feminist leadership and organizational dynamics. She brings experience in strategic planning, organizational assessment… Read more

  • Neil Batiancila

    Neil Batiancila

    Instructor - Fundraising

    About Neil Batiancila  Neil Batiancila currently serves as Philadelphia Zoo’s Chief Development Officer. Mr. Batiancila oversees all contributed revenue activities, including charitable operations … Read more

  • Paul Fleming

    Paul Fleming

    Instructor - Website development

    About Paul Fleming  Paul Fleming is a partner and CMO in the Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency Dinkum Interactive.  Originally from Australia, Paul began his professional career in Elem… Read more

  • Rosanne Hartman

    Rosanne Hartman

    About Professor Emeriti Rosanne L. Hartman, Ph.D. is a full professor in the Department of Communication at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. Currently Co- director of Strategic Communication and Form… Read more

  • Rachel Dukeman

    Rachel Dukeman

    Consultant & Instructor - Marketing, Strategic Planning, Social Media

    About Rachel Dukeman (She/Her/Hers) Rachel Dukeman (she/her/hers) believes nonprofit organizations hold the most power in our society because they are driven —not by the profits that line a few pock… Read more

  • Rachel Hicks

    Rachel Hicks

    About Rachel Hicks (They/Them/Theirs) Rachel Hicks (they/them/theirs) is a Black Queer Feminist who has curated and created a space called the Black Velvet Collective – a space for Black trans, … Read more

  • Richard Przywara

    Richard Przywara

    Instructor - Fundraising

    About Richard Pryzwara (He/Him) Richard T. Przywara, MPA, CFRE, is the President & CEO of Woodlawn Trustees, the Todmorden Foundation, and the Rockford Woodlawn Fund. In this role he is responsibl… Read more

  • Robin Bender Stevens

    Robin Bender Stevens

    Consultant - Strategic Planning

    About Bender Stevens (She/Her) Nearly a decade ago I decided to harness what I’d learned as a market researcher, policy analyst, and corporate executive to help mission-driven organizations tackle c… Read more

  • Rosalind Spigel

    Rosalind Spigel

    Consultant - Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessment

    About Rosalind Spigel (She/They) Rosalind Spigel, MSOD, ACC, works with nonprofits to achieve their goals and fulfill their vision. In collaboration with clients, Rosalind designs and facilitates cust… Read more

  • Roslyn H. Schaffer

    Roslyn H. Schaffer

    About Roslyn Schaffer (She/Her/Hers) Roslyn H. Schaffer is a consultant in Human Resources who applies her experience leading the HR function in nonprofit and for profit companies to provide guidance … Read more

  • R Perry Monastero

    R Perry Monastero

    About R Perry Monastero (He/Him) R Perry Monastero launched his consulting firm in September 2019, leveraging over 25 years of expertise in designing marketing and philanthropic strategies. With a foc… Read more

  • Sonia Stamm

    Sonia Stamm

    Instructor and Consultant - Governance, Executive Transitions, Human Resources

    About Sonia Stamm (She/Her) Sonia J. Stamm is Founder and Principal of Stamm Consultancy Inc., a boutique consulting firm committed to enhancing the effectiveness of mission-driven organizations since… Read more

  • Susan Loucks

    Susan Loucks

    About Susan Loucks (She/Her) Susan is the principal of Susan Loucks Consulting, working with organizations that are interested in creating as good a world on the inside of their organizations as they … Read more

  • Thomas Edwards, Jr.

    Thomas Edwards, Jr.

    Consultant - MAP, Strategic Planning Streamlined

    About Thomas Edwards (He/Him) Tom Edwards pursues organizational excellence from the perspectives of research, practical application, and teaching. His years of practical experience include driving in… Read more

  • Thomas Scurto-Davis

    Thomas Scurto-Davis

    Instructor - Financial Management

    About Thomas Scurto – Davis (He/Him) Thomas Scurto-Davis, Principal at Money2Mission, has more than 20 years of nonprofit financial management and accounting experience gained through various no… Read more

  • Tina	Barber

    Tina Barber

    Instructor - Fundraising

    About Tina Barber (She/Her/Hers) Tina has 15 years of comprehensive fundraising experience and has held leadership positions some well-known human service organizations including Habitat for Humanity,… Read more

  • Tracy Murray Moore

    Tracy Murray Moore

    Instructor - Human Resources

    About Tracy Murray Moore Tracy Murray Moore, SHRM, CPC, is a seasoned HR Executive with 20+ years of expertise in innovative people strategies, emphasizing the core essence of Human Resources. As the … Read more

  • Wilfredo Hernandez

    Wilfredo Hernandez

    About Wilfredo Hernandez (He, Him/They, Them) Wilfredo is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural producer and strategic consultant with over 20 years of experience in leadership and producing in the ar… Read more