The Consulting Relationship

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Our Consulting Staff will explore with you your organization’s circumstances, goals, objectives, and challenges, to help crystallize the scope of your potential consulting project. From there, a no-obligation discussion with an expert Nonprofit Center specialist will help you decide your next steps.  You’ll get a project price, not a vague, and often, accelerating number of hours, so you know what the cost will be at the outset.

Some consulting practices may promise a quick fix, or even to do the work for you.  Some use volunteer consultants.  But The Nonprofit Center does more than treat the symptoms that may be ailing your organization.  Our professional experts are there there to help identify the issues and the underlying problems so that you can move forward for long-term sustainability, with a solution that you truly own.  That’s our calling; our mission, as opposed to those who dabble in occasional nonprofit consulting.

Intrinsic to our commitment to value-added consulting is implementation support to get your on track and keep you there.  With access to team expertise in a wide array of disciplines, you get so much more than any single consultant can provide.  That’s value-added consulting.

The Nonprofit Center is equipped to provide consulting services to nonprofits of every size and type. We work with the client to make these services as affordable as possible through a variety of options, including funder subsidies and membership discounts.  And a project price quoted up front means there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Questions about value-added consulting? To start the conversation, contact Lori Moffa at [email protected] 

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“Our organization was at a crossroads.  The services provided by The Nonprofit Center were invaluable in assisting us during a challenging but rewarding transition.”
-Meg Sharp Walton, Executive Director, Glen Foerd on the Delaware