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The theme for this year’s educational activities is “School for Sustainability,”  but in reality that’s been the underlying theme of The Nonprofit Center since it opened its doors in 1981.

As Nonprofit Center Director Laura Otten wrote in a recent blog post on

 Sustainability is hard… it is never over and done but, rather, always there.  Sustainability is so much more than survival.  It is having the capacity to withstand the down times without losing the essence of what the organization is and the ability to fulfill its mission.  It is having the human resources—from staff to board members to other volunteers—who are flexible and innovative, calculated risk takers and level headed thinkers, who can strategize for the good times while including buffer plans for the bad times, all the while not compromising the mission.  It is looking not at the next month or even next 12 months hoping to just get by, but rather looking at the next 36 or 40 months with strategy for evolution… Sustainability is knowing that you will be around to weather the next economic crisis because you have developed that strategy already.”

That is why we’ve educated more than 30,000 nonprofit professionals in the skills they need to sustain their organizations, ensure its viability and nourish our nonprofit community.  That’s why we offer some 70 capacity-building learning opportunities every year, in addition to consulting projects, on-site trainings for groups and leadership advancement initiatives – it’s why we’re here.

“It was truly a very intellectually exciting experience for me. The knowledge gained from every class was so intense; and it forced to jump start my thoughts into uncharted territories to help me better serve at my organization. With the help of the manuals (which you get to keep), the lessons/skills learned were easily transferable back to the whole organization.  Thank you for the experience and outcome!”
-Maku Warrakah Ali, Executive Director, Kensington Community Corporation for Individual Dignity, who completed 3  Nonprofit Center Excellence programs

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At The Nonprofit Center, you will always find a variety of learning opportunities in virtually every aspect of nonprofit management courses, board trainings for current and aspiring nonprofit boards of directors, nonprofit financial management, nonprofit human resources, fundraising, marketing, strategic planning and more.

I would recommend all the courses I have taken at {The Nonprofit Center}.  It is an incredible amount of learning for such a small amount of money and in such a short amount of time.  Extremely efficient and useful for working professionals.
-Rachel Segal, Executive Director, The Primavera Fund

Our classes may be eligible for CEUs, CFREs, CPEs, CSWEs.

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Financial support for individual classes, excellence series, and On-site education,  may be also available through TD Bank’s training resource fund.



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