Strategic Planning

Strategic planning should be the organizational equivalent of a B-12 shot.  By setting goals, creating action steps based on organizational consensus on vision, mission, needs, strengths, priorities, target markets and environmental conditions, a successful strategic planning process unifies an organization and sets a clear and actionable path for the future with board and staff moving in the same direction.

There is no shortage of individuals, consultancies or even volunteers  willing to do strategic planning, but only The Nonprofit Center can claim nearly 40 years of experience guiding thousands of nonprofits of every size and mission through strategic planning.  Our corps of consultants have all been immersed in the nonprofit world and are strategic planning specialists.  Their expertise is backed by the knowledge and experience of The Nonprofit Center, which has mastered the art and science of full service nonprofit capacity-building.  As a nonprofit ourselves, we are living proof of what sustainability looks like.

Because one size certainly does not fit all nonprofits (links) we offer both Strategic Planning Classic and Strategic Planning Streamlined, the latter process which was recently introduced for organizations who are suitable for a more compressed course of action that is economical in time and cost.

If you want a strategic plan that actually lives up to its name and that will mobilize your board and staff, it’s time to have a conversation with the people who’ve earned their reputation as the nonprofit experts.

Strategic Planning from The Nonprofit Center:

  • No one can understand you as well as another nonprofit, living in your world, within your reality
  • Nearly 40 years of experience in nonprofit-capacity building
  • Know the costs up front, with no surprises on the back-end of the project
  • A deep corps of full-time expert consultants who specialize in strategic planning
  • Backing by the expertise of Nonprofit Center staff in all aspects of nonprofit leadership, governance, management and operations
  • A wide range of additional professional and organizational development services available to respond to any identified needs, challenges or deficiencies
  • Options in the strategic planning process, including Strategic Planning Streamlined

For more information, contact Lori Moffa at [email protected].