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  • Tracy Murray Moore

    Tracy Murray Moore

    Instructor - Human Resources

    About Tracy Murray Moore

    Tracy Murray Moore, SHRM, CPC, is a seasoned HR Executive with 20+ years of expertise in innovative people strategies, emphasizing the core essence of Human Resources. As the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Reinvestment Fund in Philadelphia, she spearheads HR initiatives focused on talent management, training, and compensation. Before this role, she consulted for Comcast Freedom Region, coaching over 300 executives on leadership competencies. In 2012, Tracy established her consultancy firm serving organizations like Rowan College and LaSalle in PA/DE/NJ. She founded the Shatter the Glass (STG) Youth Enrichment Program to provide students career exposure and clarity. Collaboratively with Rowan College in 2016, she initiated the Women in Leadership Program to bolster women’s leadership capabilities. A dedicated mentor, particularly to young women, Tracy introduced a mentoring initiative in 2019 concentrating on diversity and empowering women of color. A published author, she wrote in “The Professional Black Woman,” urging women to live authentically. Tracy holds a master’s from the University of Maryland, University College, and certifications from the Society of Human Resources Management and Coach Training Alliance.