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  • Christopher Barrett-Politan

    Christopher Barrett-Politan

    Consultant - Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Interim Executive Director, Executive Coaching

    About Christopher Barret – Politan 

    Christopher Barrett Politan is the principal of Give, Get, Grow – a Philanthropic Advisory and nonprofit consulting firm. His client focus has traditionally been within organizations working on cultural, LGBTQ+, environmental, and health concerns. An experienced strategist, advisor, and management consultant, Christopher has worked with organizations and individuals throughout the nonprofit sector across the United States. For nearly 25 years, his work with nonprofits has been grounded in a deep understanding that it is tough work leading an organization while trying to address challenges facing a changing world. Leaders work daily to address specific and multifaceted problems, while remaining attuned to bigger and more global issues. Christopher’s work seeks to provide insight, counsel, and strategy for creating sustainable, innovative, and deeply engaged organizations.