Consultants & Instructors

  • Rachel Dukeman

    Rachel Dukeman

    Consultant & Instructor - Marketing, Strategic Planning, Social Media

    About Rachel Dukeman (She/Her/Hers)

    Rachel Dukeman (she/her/hers) believes nonprofit organizations hold the most power in our society because they are driven —not by the profits that line a few pockets but— by the impact that affects the lives of many. Motivated to enhance the capacity of nonprofit organizations, Rachel’s work provides a game plan to align and empower stakeholders on strategic goals because with compelling messaging and an agile action plan, you can equip stakeholders for productivity. Rachel works with organizations to promote programmatic excellence, social impact and equity, and conscious business practices. She uses a comprehensive approach to her work providing clients an integrated work plan and has been described as “exhibiting a big-picture focus with a detailed working-style” (Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, 2013). She has worked with a range of over 75 clients including nonprofits such as Philadelphia Works Inc, the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.