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  • Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones

    About Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones, founder and Senior Consultant for GDA Consulting is certified by the University of Pennsylvania as a social impact strategist and financial planner. Jeffrey has decades of experience providing leadership development workshops, sustainability plans, and cultural mindfulness sessions. Jeffrey also is an award winning speaker skilled communicator, substance prevention specialist, community builder and political activist. Jeffrey brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his work. He is a sought after presenter and does various seminars and to help organizations to thrive and grow. At GDA Consulting Jeffrey provides specialized organizational change strategies, techniques on how to strengthen business relationships, and works with companies to enhance their vision and achieve their goals and bring sustainable change to business. For his outstanding community organizing work Jeffrey received the Gold Volunteer Service Award from the White House. As Senior Consultant for GDA, which is an agency that helps businesses improve their performance in order to increase productivity and maximum profitability, Jeffrey has aided numerous organizations to rebrand and rebuild. He’s the author of “Words of Encouragement” a book of daily inspirations and the host and producer of the award winning Community Voice PHL Talk Show on Apple podcast.