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  • R Perry Monastero

    R Perry Monastero

    About R Perry Monastero (He/Him)

    R Perry Monastero launched his consulting firm in September 2019, leveraging over 25 years of expertise in designing marketing and philanthropic strategies. With a focus on helping nonprofits expand infrastructure and grow support, Monastero provides valuable market research, analysis, and intelligence. He has held various roles in enrollment and grants management, competitive research, and consulting for universities, foundations, and a national public relations firm. As the inaugural executive director of a Philadelphia-based community fund, Monastero played a key role in program development, fundraising, and providing technical services to dozens of nonprofits, with an emphasis on groups led by and serving communities of color. He also led marketing, communications, and fundraising teams at a prominent LGBTQ+ medical, legal, and social service organization, significantly increasing their revenue and branding resources. RPM Consulting offers services such as resource development planning, strategic planning, board development, and campaign feasibility studies. With a growing team and expanding expertise, including database development and advocacy consulting, RPM Consulting is committed to supporting nonprofit and business leaders in strategic growth. Licensed as a Standards for Excellence consultant, Monastero earned a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in social justice movements and nonprofit presence in competitive funding markets.