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  • Kenny Nguyen

    Kenny Nguyen

    About Kenny Nguyen (He/Him/His)

    Kenny Nguyen (he/him) is an experienced nonprofit professional whose focus is on youth leadership, community safety, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights. Kenny’s passion for social justice and human rights derives from his experience as a queer, Vietnamese man. His parents are refugees from Vietnam and he saw firsthand the struggles of a refugee family trying to assimilate in the United States while experiencing discrimination, racism, and xenophobia. This experience coupled with his identity as a queer man trying to navigate a predominantly heteronormative space helped to forge his path as a social justice advocate. Kenny has worked with both local and international nonprofit organizations doing research, advocacy, and community organizing. He has facilitated various workshops and trainings for community members, nonprofit organizations, schools, and elected officials. Kenny strives to be inclusive of everyone’s experiences and perspectives during these trainings and workshops to ensure that any discussion or solution involves the voices of those most directly impacted. Kenny holds a BA in Global Studies from the University of Vermont and a MA in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights.