Controlling Our Futures

As I have listened this week to painful reports from executive directors and board presidents on layoffs, furloughs, skeletal staff, and mothballing organizations for unknown periods of time, much of my limited energy has gone to shaking my head in dismay.  My dismay is two-fold.  I am beyond sad that too many people are losing their livelihoods, as well as the source of their professional passion, and I am disheartened by how few learned the lessons from “the last time.” 

Yes, I am uncomfortable at this Read more

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Stimulate Your Brain

There is a part of the brain that we who work in the nonprofit sector should understand: the right temporoparietal junction, or rTPJ. This part of the brain, which sits a bit above and back from the top of the right ear, controls a number of things important to nonprofit work — empathy, morality, selflessness, and self-control.  Scientists have been studying this part of the brain years and here are some of what we know about it?

Those with a bigger rTPJ make people behave more altruistically; If electric Read more

Learning from Others’ Mistakes

It is often said that we don’t learn from the mistakes of others; we must make their own mistakes.  Yet, it is also often said that the importance of studying history is so that we don’t repeat the mistakes (that others made) of history.  So, which is it?

Increasingly, I
think it is the former, that people don’t learn from the mistakes of others. Is
it that they don’t pay attention? That they think they are smarter; that it
won’t happen to them?  They can’t/don’t
see themselves in those “others?”

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Cultivate, Solicit and Appreciate. Repeat

The news has dominated by the coronavirus and what to do about it.  Allow me to offer up a spin on this global crisis, unique to nonprofits. My message isn’t one of hopelessness, but rather pertains to best practices that should be followed at all times, especially in times of uncertainly like we are currently experiencing. 

It is a message of preparedness, something too few
nonprofits do as they tend to be reactive rather than proactive.  To the extent any organization can be
proactive, it will be Read more

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Pondering Boards

often wonder why people who clearly aren’t interested in hearing advice
continue to invite me into their organizations and solicit my opinion – which they
subsequently dismiss. 

Seriously, why pay for expertise that you’re going to ignore?  Our business model isn’t to offer advice and recommendations about needed changes only to be called back to fix the damage resulting from ignoring these cautions.  I have no shortage of examples of this pattern.

at least five years, as an organization planned the departure of its
long-serving, and much beloved, executive Read more

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The Gift of Shared Purpose

Over the course of decades of studying and observing leadership, one of the questions that has nagged at me is why the military produces a disproportionate number of great leaders who leave the military and go on to successful careers in other walks of life, while the nonprofit sector does not.  It is one of the questions I always pose in both my nonprofit professional development leadership and graduate classes.

Early on, I was puzzled by the fact that while both sets of leaders Read more

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Funders Get Real

Having worked for decades in the industry that so many derisively refer to as the “ivory tower,” I’d like to share that pejorative with funders.  While I don’t really want to heap more criticism on donors than they already get, it is really time that donors get smarter, step out of their sanctuaries, and be real.

A recent set of google alert headlines from around the country told the story perfectly:  25% of the headlines were about nonprofits that failed, all the while being supported Read more

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Stop Asking the Impossible

recently addressed a crowd of people affiliated with all-volunteer or
small-staffed organizations.  I asked a
few opening questions to get a handle on the good sized crowd.  First, I requested a show of hands of those
in the room representing all-volunteer organizations.  About 75% of the folks raised their
hands.  Next, I checked out how many in
the room were at organizations with one or two staff – there was a sizeable handful.  In what I thought was my last question, I
then asked how many had three or more staff. 
Confusingly, Read more

Measuring Greatness

You don’t have to be a basketball fan to be rocked by the news of Kobe Bryant’s sudden and untimely death.  I remember exactly where my son, his friend and I were standing when we saw Kobe, seated on the back of the convertible, in the parade celebrating his high school team winning the state championship.  Yes, he had then his wonderful smile, and it was emblazoned on his face.  And, yes, he shook things up in the community when he brought Brandy to his Read more

Failure to Thrive

While many parts of our sector are about responding to crises—food insecurity, homelessness, the opioid epidemic, global warming, etc. – our sector as a whole is potentially on the verge of its own crisis that threatens its survival. 

On the first night of the first class of the Nonprofit Leadership masters program, a student asked a question that I don’t usually get from students, especially this early on.  In fact, it is a question that I usually ask them at about the halfway point in Read more


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