The Clairvoyant Executive Director

It’s never been easy being a nonprofit executive director and these days a normally challenging job has been made even harder by unprecedented circumstances.

Based on recent conversations with dozens of executive directors, EDs are being asked to do something that only a few other professions, such as those working on infectious diseases, are being asked to do:  look into their crystal balls and know the future. The absurdity of this notion, when taken out of context, is obvious. But that same absurdity seems lost on Read more

The Clairvoyant Executive Director December 7th, 2020 0 Comment

It Takes More than Heart

It would appear that at least once every week there is at least
one workshop somewhere in this country telling people how to start a
nonprofit.  Where are the workshops
telling people why not to start a nonprofit? 
Where are the workshops on alternative ways to bring your wonderful idea
to life?

There is a tremendous amount of ignorance and a whole lot of heart behind those who want to start a nonprofit and those who “help” them to do so.  Help is in quotes because it really isn’t helping at Read more