Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

Perhaps the most frequently asked question that I get is, ““X isn’t my job, is it?  It is the board’s, right?”  Or, the flip, “that’s the ED’s job, right? Not ours?”  Sometimes, the question is broader:  “What is the ED’s job and what is our job?” 

Those asking the question want a box with dark, thick lines clearly outlining the borders of the box over which no one should stray.  Anything inside those borders is “mine;” outside those borders is “yours.”  My box contains my Read more

In Search of the Unicorn

I sent Vu Le’s “welcome back” blog to all of the executive directors and board presidents in the various peer learning groups that I facilitate.  After I wrote last week about the importance of celebrations, his blog was a great follow up, while pointing out the mistake of failing to celebrate oneself. Yet I have to observe that for some, celebrating self may come too readily.

This fear was well fed this weekend, while my faith in the ability for our sector to continue to have Read more

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Driving to work, I was surprised by this teaser for an upcoming story:  the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote.  Of course, if I had stopped to think about the fact that women only got the vote in 1920, I could easily have realized that this was the centennial year.  My reaction upon hearing of the pending story was, “just 100 years?”

I am repeatedly stunned when I think about how long women had to wait to be able to vote and that more Read more

Take a Board Member to Work Day

There are two constant complaints that I have been hearing from nonprofit staff members since my earliest days in the sector.  One:  Board members don’t understand what staff and the organization do.  Two: The board doesn’t do anything, which translates to, staff have no idea what, if anything, the board does.  Both complaints are sad commentaries.

I want to be quick to point out that the first complaint is
not simply jawing from some disgruntled staff. 
Decades of experiential evidence repeatedly shows me the staggering
number of board members Read more

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Happy Donors

So many cultures and faiths teach the adage that it is better to give than receive.  While it is done to encourage selflessness while helping those less fortunate.  Research indicates, however, that giving isn’t quite the selfless act we think it is, in that is also beneficial to the giver.

Giving both time and money actually ratchet ups a giver’s oxytocin (the “compassion hormone”), as well as endorphins and dopamine, producing what some refer to as the “donor’s high” (akin to a runner’s high). 

People who Read more

Move the Damn Needle Already

the loss of a loved one, we must endure the year “firsts.”  The first birthday, first holiday, first
anniversary of the death and so many more. 
I have come to realize that there’s also a year of “lasts.” 

As I
contemplate the start of my last year as a full-time member of the workforce, I
am excited about what I still want and need to accomplish and thrilled by many
of the pending lasts (the various administrative tasks that I’m happy to be rid

I also
feel some dismay, stemming from my Read more

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The Future of Humanity

As I enter into in the final leg of my tenure in a leadership position in the nonprofit sector, I recognize that there is something vital to the sector that I simply do not know and no amount of research, thought or discussion will enlighten me:   what will the nonprofit sector look like in 10 years?

In a recent conversation with a colleague I was bemoaning my
inability to envision the future of our sector. Will it exist?  Will we be thrown to the curb?  Will our Read more

Words Matter

The daughter of two writers learns this in the womb:  language choices matter. 

Not too long ago, I was reminded of this when reading the article aptly titled, “Quantifying Impact Alienates Nonprofit Employees,” which spoke of research by Julia Morley of the London School of Economics. 

Over the decades, I have worked with many organizations helping them to introduce not the language of impact evaluation but impact evaluation itself.  More often than not, there is an immediate and palpable resistance. 

It seems that when we Read more

Giving Tuesday Fatigue

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching.  According to reports, Giving Tuesday raised 27% more money in 2018 than it did in 2017; it raised 50% more money in 2017 than in 2016.  But where did these billions go? How much of that money did your organization see?There may be something in the downward trend of those percentage increases.  Has Giving Tuesday run its course?  In a recent conversation with a dozen executive directors, not one was singing its praises.  In fact, the opposite was happening; there Read more

Remember Your Roots

This was the headline BoardSource used to introduce Candid’s latest compensation survey in its SmartBrief:  “Report: Midrange nonprofits are making headway on gender pay gap.”  Anyone who knows the sector would never think that “midrange nonprofits” referred to organizations with budgets between $25 and $50 million. That might be a mid-range organization in the for-profit sector, but not in ours.  Not when the vast majority of organizations have budgets under $750,000.  I’d expect BoardSource to understand its audience a little better than that headline suggests?

I’m Read more


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