Self-Serving vs. Public Serving

When something is so obvious to you, it can be hard to understand why others don’t “get it.” Add to this the challenges of overcoming well-entrenched myths and dominant models of “how things should be” and you get insight into how difficult it can be to understand some of the ways and idiosyncrasies of the nonprofit sector, including some key relationships. Even those who have been in the sector for a while don’t always get it and, thus, blow opportunities to the detriment of all.

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Choosing a Board Chair

What do some consider a fate worse than death?  Becoming chair of the board you serve on.   And, yes, I do prefer the title of “chair” over “president”, as president gives people the sense that this position has more power than it truly does or should.  (This position has no veto power or the power or the authority to hand down executive orders or to give pardons, etc.).   The first thing I generally tell people when having a discussion about the position of chair/president is Read more