Donating to make a splash

Like American Express’ support of the little guy with its “Small Business Saturday” campaign on the Saturday after Black Friday, I want to a day that promotes supporting small nonprofits.  While it lacks alliteration, it makes an important point, and failing to do so is harmful to our community all across the country.

My concern for the disappearance of the small(er), community-based nonprofit has been growing over the years.  Are they ready to be put on the endangered species list?  Not yet, but there is certainly Read more

Is Donor Fatigue Real?

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get on the subject of fund development is, “What about donor fatigue?  Does it really exist?”  The answer, generally, is, “It depends upon whom you ask.”  Some people believe it is real, that people who have given, and are inclined to give, get worn down by constant asking and, one day, just stop giving cold turkey, or giving less than before and gradually stop or some variation.  Fundraising experts prefer the response that there is no Read more

Giving Tuesday. Bah! Humbug!

How many email, tweets or other communiques did you receive about “Giving Tuesday? ”

The Nonprofit Center chose to refrain from sending any pleas on its own, or anyone else’s behalf. Some may wonder why thinking that our role as unofficial spokesperson for the sector demanded it.

Our reasoning was why would we want to be part of the hordes? Why would we want to waste time drafting a pitch to entreat people to give to us while thousands of other nonprofits around the country are doing Read more

Looking to the Stars

This is going to sound all wrong, but would everyone and their mothers, brothers, aunts and uncles just stop fundraising? Please!

I just went to my browser and there was a message asking me to join a bunch of celebrities and “do good for the world this holiday season.”  Seriously?  My browser is now doing fundraising?  It wants me to give money to celebrities’ causes merely because they are celebrities?  How dumb does my browser think I am?  (Or, how dumb is the vast majority of Read more


The Nonprofit Center staff is working remotely, but we are all reachable via email.  We have postponed all classes through the end of April.  Scheduled webinars are still running and our webinar library is available. If you need to us, you'll find email addresses on this website under Staff or Contact Us.  Stay well.