Donating to make a splash

Like American Express’ support of the little guy with its “Small Business Saturday” campaign on the Saturday after Black Friday, I want to a day that promotes supporting small nonprofits.  While it lacks alliteration, it makes an important point, and failing to do so is harmful to our community all across the country.

My concern for the disappearance of the small(er), community-based nonprofit has been growing over the years.  Are they ready to be put on the endangered species list?  Not yet, but there is certainly Read more

Nudging the Wealthy

Like most people, one of my pet peeves is the declining politeness of American drivers:  you let someone into a long line of cars or pull out from a parking lot and wait for the thank you wave that most likely doesn’t come.  A little act of kindness that could easily be reciprocated, but goes unacknowledged.

A call from a local reporter prompted me to think about who I see as the worst culprits and led me to some old research by social psychologist Paul Piff Read more

The Science of Fundraising

No better way to start a year off than talking about money!  In fact, the group of executive directors with whom I was just chatting were all very positive about how their work year ended, noting that they saw a nice uptick in individual giving.  Nice way to end and a great promise for the future.

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Here’s a tip to that could help you have success with fundraising.  According to a study released last month by The Science of Philanthropy Initiative at Chicago Read more