Seizing CSR Opportunities

While the corporate world has embraced the value and importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the nonprofit world has some catching up to do.  As every nonprofit scrambles to ensure its viability, they would be wise to understand CSR (a company-supported program that demonstrates a corporation’s commitment to helping and supporting the communities in which it and its employees reside), as well as its short-term costs and potential benefit and the definite long-term benefit.

Over the past 35 years, corporate programs have morphed, spawning the CSR Read more

Tips from the Science of Charity

For the second consecutive week I’m blogging on research findings about money.  Ever since the science of charity became popularized in the 1990s, the nonprofit sector has been interested in understanding the how, what and why of us, and that inevitably results in lots of research.  Too bad, we don’t always pay attention to that research.

And that is a mistake—particularly when it comes to all of the research surrounding money:  where it comes from, why we get it and why we don’t, and more.  In Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility: Don’t Leave Home Without It

With the release of the 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study, I am reminded, once again, that socially responsible corporations are not everyone’s ideal.  Hard to imagine, but true.

Back in 2008, Jonathan Salem Baskin wrote a rather controversial piece in Advertising Age, in which he noted that there is “no morality inherent in corporate functions and asked, “…where in the game rules does it say that companies have to be ‘responsible’ for anything other than profits?”  Whether Mr. Baskin was being serious or just playing Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility is Good Business


What a brilliant idea!  Robert Goodwin, co-founder of Executives Without Borders, has suggested that every corporation adopt a nonprofit, providing IT, marketing and logistical support, as well additional business expertise that could help nonprofits do better at delivering their mission.  He sees this as a win-win situation, noting that:

“Companies that integrate altruistic activities into their core business model will have the competitive advantage that comes with delivering a social profit: They will retain employees, recruit top talent, and build better community relations and a stronger Read more