Having it All (Been There…Done That)

My 20-something niece and her friends truly believe that they can, indeed, have it all while they work in the top organizations in their fields, and have their careers and personal lives planned accordingly.  While she indulged her mother’s and my rebuffs and buts (she’s very patient with us), and our pointing out quite bluntly that she and her friends were not all representative of the average American woman, she thought we weren’t seeing the progress that has been made.

The very next week, “the” Atlantic Read more

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We’re NOT #1

Rosie the Riveter is spinning in her grave.  I’m just spinning.

Newsweek’s cover story for its March 12 issue was entitled “The Rise of China’s Billionaire Tiger Women,” written by Yale’s own “tiger mom” Amy Chua.  Of the four women featured, three were aided in their rise by their husbands’ position, wealth and knowledge.  But I’m truly not taking anything away from them.  Back home, there are certainly American female billionaires, but Newsweek didn’t highlight them, preferring to examine America’s women’s standing in other proficiencies in Read more

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