3 Monkey Culture

My holiday wish to all employees is that your leader(s) comes to understand the importance of culture.   Forget laws and regulations – they are the reactions to the failure of established, protective, positive cultures.  They are a last, and sorry, resort for a culture that has failed to do its work and to demand, and then reward, the expected and only acceptable behavior.

There are so many examples of cultures gone awry.   How about with the current craze:  writing inclusion policies.*  If you have to write Read more

Nonprofit Institutional Memory

It is amazing how few organizations—and individuals—understand institutional memory—what it is, its value-add and how to use it.  So, instead of using it well and wisely, they allow it to be misused to the detriment of the organization.

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Perhaps it is easiest to start with what institutional memory is not.

It is not a person—ever, not even the longest-serving person on your board or staff; it isn’t even a founder
It is not “We’ve tried that before
It is not “But that is not Read more

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