How to Banish the Hate

I wasn’t long into my teaching career before I recognized certain things I should not take for granted. For example, I had thought that first year college students were old enough to  have learned about extrapolation and analogies and could use them in their thinking, problem-solving and in general, facing the rigors of daily life. Wrong. So I had to adjust my behavior.

Learning from that initial experience, I did not start my consulting career operating on the same assumption. I had however, hoped that by the time people Read more

Changing a Culture of Racism and Misogyny

At some point, we all come to understand that perception is reality.  For such a basic fact, so many are all too frequently caught short by this.  Our failure to remember this day in and day out allows problems to develop that never should have been there in the first place.

A recent conversation about racism is proof of this. The conversations that have been swirling as the layers of the history of Harvey Weinstein’s behavior reinforces this.  Let’s begin with racism.  In this conversation, the Read more