Nonprofits Rolling in Luxury

The front page of the October Chronicle of Philanthropy had an alarming headline: “1 in 3 Americans Lacks Faith in Charities.” It just as easily could have said, “2 in 3 Americans Have Faith in Charities.” But it chose the statistical spin that would make the heart beat faster and bordered on yellow journalism. There are enough media outlets in this country that spin the worst about nonprofits, it shouldn’t also come from within our own ranks. But that’s not the (main) point of this Read more

You’re Overhead

This semester, I taught one class in nonprofit management in La Salle’s MBA program and another in its Masters in Nonprofit Leadership program.  And while I have taught the former for about 10 years, this is only the third time I taught this in the Nonprofit Leadership Master’s. But this was the first time I have had the opportunity to teach them simultaneously, and it was interesting to compare the two student groups.

At the end of the semester, I learned that the most influential activity Read more