What’s your Legacy?

Perhaps it is only natural that in the nonprofit sector, we forget that some words have multiple meanings.  We might, therefore, be forgiven for the unidimensional understanding of legacy that so many in the nonprofit sector seem to hold.   In so doing, we lose what may be the more important and valuable meaning of the word.

The first, and, so we are taught is, therefore, the more common, definition of legacy is the one that so many in our sector embrace:  a bequest—a gift of money Read more

Playing the numbers

The Center on Philanthropy just released its Giving USA 2012 report.  To announce the findings, they take their dog and pony show on the road and included Philadelphia for the first time. .

In case you have missed the high level summary of the results, here it is.  (I’ll leave you to decide whether the news is good, bad or indifferent.)

Giving by individuals, 81% of all gifts given in 2011, rose almost 4% in 2011, but only .8% in inflation adjusted dollars.
Adding up individual giving, from Read more

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Zero Sum Game

Two new data points give with one piece of news and take away with the other.

According to Giving USA 2008, the news appears all glowing. In 2007, over $306 billion was given to charities by foundations, corporations and individuals, an increase of 3.9%. And, good news or better news, depending upon how your organization’s planned giving skills are, bequest giving rose 6.9%, after what is referred to as a “steep decline” in 2006. The conclusion Read more