Charity makes you healthier

Raising funds is complicated.  It always has been and if current times are any indication, it will always be.  We’ve gone from the donor pyramid, a nice linear progression to lead donors up the ladder, to the donor vortex, that makes me grind my teeth (if you like the gear visual of how this vortex operates) or get dizzy (if you like the circular arrow for the visual).  We may not have always appreciated it, but life was simple back then.

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Hark! Are those Angels I hear?

I’ve only just learned of using the term angel as part of the explicit label of some investment companies.  I just thought that all venture capitalists and investors of whatever ilk were angels to someone or some organization by the very nature of what they did.  But as so frequently happens, I’ve since heard/read the term a trillion times in the weeks since. 

Angels in the nonprofit world, that’s another story.  We all have been looking for them since our inceptions, I’m sure.  Unless, Read more