Why Can’t They Be More Like Us?

 Earlier this week local public radio’s Radio Times featured a columnist from the Philadelphia Business Journal and an editor and senior writer for Business Week.  The topic was the value, potency, impact, etc., of President Obama’s mandate of a cap on the compensation of senior executives at companies receiving federal bail out money. 

It took the first comment of one of the guests to have me fuming.  He was discussing how executive compensation consultants are already advising people on how to get Read more

In Praise of Nonprofits

 I am desperately searching for something uplifting about which to write this week.  Surely, there is something good out there?  Not so much.     But not to worry, I am not going to do what everyone else is doing:  talk about how to protect yourself from this economic mess, wring hands about how dire the future looks, bemoan the fact that so many of our nonprofit peers will be working harder with fewer resources.  Those of us in the sector know all of this and cannot Read more

October 3rd, 2008 0 Comment

Cogito, ergo sum

One of the positive things about writing a blog is that it gives the author time to stop what she is doing, sit back and, OMG, think and reflect. For those who read blogs and respond, (and the response is the critical part here), the same thing is true: you sit back, contemplate an issue, form a response, and share it with the world. Giving oneself permission to stop work (that is, doing your share to deliver on the Read more

Part I: Is Social Consciousness Optional

As a nonprofit, do we get to pick and choose when we will be socially conscious and when we won’t?  I never thought that being socially conscious was one of those concepts that was situational.  Isn’t it like being pregnant:  either you are or you aren’t?  But, a recent conversation made me wonder if others see as I do.  Is there a continuum of social responsibility that says we are more or less, depending upon the question being asked?

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