In Praise of Nonprofits

Posted by Laura Otten, Ph.D., Director on October 3rd, 2008 in Articles, Thoughts & Commentary

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 I am desperately searching for something uplifting about which to write this week.  Surely, there is something good out there?  Not so much.     But not to worry, I am not going to do what everyone else is doing:  talk about how to protect yourself from this economic mess, wring hands about how dire the future looks, bemoan the fact that so many of our nonprofit peers will be working harder with fewer resources.  Those of us in the sector know all of this and cannot forget it.  Instead, I’d like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the nonprofit sector and remind everyone about all the good nonprofits do in our communities.  We tend to forget the services and enrichment they provide during good times; during bad times, when negativity seems to take over, we most definitely forget. So, the reminder.   As you take your well-needed relaxation walk through the park and along the clean stream, be mindful of the friends of the park association that protects the park and the environment group keeping the source of the stream clean and healthy.  When you stand on the side lines watching your child or grandchild’s little league game, thank the nonprofit sports association in your township.  Your weekend diversion of attending the Sunday afternoon concert was brought to you by a nonprofit music group, and the coffee you sipped afterwards was provided by the catering business of the local jobs training center.  The phone call from your employee was addressed by taking her to the local abuse shelter where, no offense, she will be better served than spending the night at your house.  And you are confident that your elderly relative will be well cared for at the local nonprofit clinic.  The scenarios, as you know, could go on and on.  No matter how bleak the economic forecast or the world seems, our lives are always made better thanks to nonprofits.  Remember that.

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