When it’s not good for nonprofits to emulate for profits


Behind as always in my reading, I just caught an amazing statistic in the March 30 edition of Newsweek. I was scanning the article, as I confess to being quite bored with the debate as to whether Washington or Wall Street is to blame for the current economic situation.


The Newsweek story featured both sides of the debate.  Skimming each short snippet on the writer’s opinion,  I came across one from Jim Chanos,  “In 1998 Business Week put out Read more

Why Can’t They Be More Like Us?

 Earlier this week local public radio’s Radio Times featured a columnist from the Philadelphia Business Journal and an editor and senior writer for Business Week.  The topic was the value, potency, impact, etc., of President Obama’s mandate of a cap on the compensation of senior executives at companies receiving federal bail out money. 

It took the first comment of one of the guests to have me fuming.  He was discussing how executive compensation consultants are already advising people on how to get Read more