Degrading Core Values

Three disparate things happened to me within the course of one workday that all sing a similar and very important message.

First, was the interview I heard with James Comey on NPR’s Morning Edition.  One of the many compelling comments he made came back to resonate at the end of the day, connecting with two other seemingly disparate events.  Regardless of the impetus for Comey’s comment, his message is one we should all heed.

“We fight like crazy in this country about guns and about Read more

Nonprofit Leaders:  Find the Balance

David Miliband, President of the International Rescue Committee, was recently interviewed on NPR‘s Morning Edition by co-host, David Greene. Miliband was asked if he was worried about his employees on the ground in Syria.  As we would all expect, he responded, “I’m very worried, always, ….”

Considering the heart wrenching stories coming out of Syria, this NPR headline is more than troubling:  “the world has become a bit dull to news from Syria.” But truthfully, it wasn’t Miliband’s comments on the consequences of Russian bombings or Read more

Kinder, Gentler Nonprofits

The snowstorm that wasn’t has me thinking.  In its aftermath, there were a lot of really angry people.  I was not one of them; I, rather, was very, very disappointed, as I love snow and this has not been a satisfying winter, thus far.   I was really looking forward to all of that white stuff.   I’m letting go, but some others don’t seem to be able to.

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Meteorologists are apologizing; the media, after hyping it, is now hyping the analysis of how could Read more