Modeling Community Service

I had a visit from a former MBA student who had recently completed a prestigious international exchange scholarship in South America.  He was, in many ways, a misfit in the MBA program in that he worked for a Catholic high school in a very needy area, had spent extended time working with a nonprofit in another South American country and had no designs whatsoever on ever working in the corporate sector.  He knew where his heart belonged.

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And well he should, Read more

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In Search of the 3 Musketeers

This semester I’m teaching two graduate classes: a class in nonprofit management in La Salle’s MBA program and one nonprofit management in our Masters in Nonprofit Leadership program. While I’ve taught each of these classes before, I’ve never taught them simultaneously. In both classes, though I have a bit of a different approach, I have the same end goal: like Jim Collins, I want these future leaders not to think about what is a great nonprofit organization as opposed to a great for-profit organization, but Read more

Leadership under Milennials?

Are we getting lazier?  Or, have we always been a lazy sector?  I’m really not sure of the answer, but I know we need to confront it.

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This past week, I read 108 mission statements, the result of an assignment I’d given to two of my classes:  one in La Salle’s Masters program in Nonprofit Leadership and the other in our MBA program.  To be sure, two very different groups of students.

The assignment was to pick any three mission statements of the student’s Read more