Leadership under Milennials?

Are we getting lazier?  Or, have we always been a lazy sector?  I’m really not sure of the answer, but I know we need to confront it.

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This past week, I read 108 mission statements, the result of an assignment I’d given to two of my classes:  one in La Salle’s Masters program in Nonprofit Leadership and the other in our MBA program.  To be sure, two very different groups of students.

The assignment was to pick any three mission statements of the student’s Read more

Ringmasters of Corruption

Perhaps the IRS should be paying more attention to the missions of the organizations apply for tax-exempt status.  Clearly, not by using keywords, but by really looking at the mission of an organization and determining if, in fact, it is working on behalf of some portion of the public good.  Granted, that means, as it should, that I will not like all of the missions that get approved to become the drivers of tax-exempt organizations operating in the same realm as the organizations whose missions Read more