Plausible Pandemic Ponderings

I can remember precisely the two times in my life when I have turned to my doctor and asked, “If I were your wife or you mother or your daughter, what would you tell me to do?”  Given this ongoing worldwide health crisis, we could all use some special insight.

Fortunately, The New York Times did this for all of us, asking  511 epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists what they would do regarding the coronavirus and real life situations based on what they know and Read more

Executive Excess

It seems that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has painted a bulls-eye on his state’s nonprofits. He  recently announced the creation of a task force to audit nonprofits that receive state funds.  Not a bad idea in and of itself.  But these audits won’t be assessing the general financial health and well-being of the nonprofits; they won’t be looking for misappropriated tax dollars.

They will solely be about determining whether the salaries of the executive directors/CEOs is “appropriate.”  See, Cuomo thinks that heads of nonprofits are Read more