No Apologies Necessary

Nonprofits, like so many of us,  are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy—but not just in the ways you might think.  Yes, many nonprofits suffered the same kinds of damages and losses that the very community members they served and helped during the crisis.  Thus, like their friends, families, neighbors, and fellow residents, they are cleaning up and rebuilding.  Nonprofits hit by Sandy, however, also have two unique problems that others in the community don’t have.  And all nonprofits need to learn the Read more

December 21st, 2012 0 Comment

Check Your Moral Compass

So, what are the challenges of being a leader in the first part of this century?   I am sure that every article, presentation, talk, etc. written/presented in the first quarter of a new century that addresses “what it takes to be a leader” (and, no, I did not do a search) at some point says “these times are different:  we have a different environment, different values, different needs, etc.”  And I am saying the same thing:  these are not your grandmothers’ times anymore—or for most Read more