.02 % of Nonprofits

If I thought an equal rights amendment for nonprofit employees would have a better chance of passing than the original ERA , I’d be proposing it asap. In less than 15 minutes I was sent two articles that, in essence, slammed nonprofits for paying their employees, but especially their executive directors, “too much.”

One, a commentary on CNBC, lauded the newly passed tax bill for limiting the “excessive” pay of nonprofit executives; the other, an article from the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press, described a new bill presented Read more

January 12th, 2018 0 Comment

Musings from a Nerd

I don’t know what is worse:  the week before vacation or the one right after you return.  Both are generally crazy, the former trying to do get everything  in order for your absence; the latter, catching up, while simultaneously needing to move forward.  But with the former, at least, you have the anticipation of the vacation—its allure, pull, excitement—which is totally lacking upon return.  Once back, all you can think about is how to hold on to all the goodness of the vacation while knowing Read more

Getting Comfortable with Caring

How do I say write this without sounding like an old fuddy duddy?  With great difficulty and a low likelihood of success!

I think it is absolutely marvelous that the Red Cross has collected over $100 million from around the globe for the victims of the Haitian earthquake, predominantly through the texting of pledges.  (Well, actually, I think it is marvelous that $100 million has been raised; I am a little dubious about the Red Cross receiving all of that money as their recent track record Read more