The Future of Nonprofits

With the influx of alternative models, from B corporations, L3Cs, social ventures and others social enterprises (for profit organizations that address social missions), how long into the future will there still be a need for nonprofits?

Having grappled with this question for quite some time, I still come up short.  I believe we need nonprofits because of the many positive differences they bring compared to for-profits, well beyond the difference of each mission; but I’ve not had good enough hard data to really know.  In my Read more

Musings from a Nerd

I don’t know what is worse:  the week before vacation or the one right after you return.  Both are generally crazy, the former trying to do get everything  in order for your absence; the latter, catching up, while simultaneously needing to move forward.  But with the former, at least, you have the anticipation of the vacation—its allure, pull, excitement—which is totally lacking upon return.  Once back, all you can think about is how to hold on to all the goodness of the vacation while knowing Read more