Who do you Trust?

Election season is looming and I’m thinking about ethics (why would that be?)

Trust:  a simple word, but a complex phenomenon and not easy to win and maintain.   Yet I am reminded on an almost daily basis how much nonprofits take it—yes, the very lifeblood of their organizations–for granted.  I am amazed at how easily they trifle with it, ignore it, presume its steadfastness while doing things that blatantly dare others to challenge it and then open the doors wide so that it is so easy Read more

Reality Check

Last week, my niece sent her mother and me a blog written by a colleague of hers. The woman had been home in India when the well-publicized gang rape occurred. The blog was a plea to all Indians -and everyone else – to pledge to end gender based violence.

How was it that after so many years of working to make the world understand that women are, indeed, human beings, with brains, skills, abilities such wonton disregard for women could still be happening?

How is that that Read more