Thinking CLEARly

As many readers of this blog know, one of the programs we offer at The Nonprofit Center is what we call CLEAR (Cultivating Leadership Excellence and Responsibility) Circles. These are small groups (seven to eight people per group) of similarly situation individuals—either all executive directors, all new (less than three years in the position) executive directors or all emerging leaders (people who have direct reports and who report directly to the executive director of their organization)—who meet once a month over eight or nine months Read more

Saving the Sector

This is a message for all executive directors, from one to another.  If you don’t stop right now and look at your own performance, you run the risk of not only scaring off and pushing away all of the emerging leaders in your organization but in the sector as well.

For several years, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with and collecting data from emerging leaders from across the sector in terms of organizational mission, age, size, tenure of their executive director, etc. I Read more