When it’s not good for nonprofits to emulate for profits


Behind as always in my reading, I just caught an amazing statistic in the March 30 edition of Newsweek. I was scanning the article, as I confess to being quite bored with the debate as to whether Washington or Wall Street is to blame for the current economic situation.


The Newsweek story featured both sides of the debate.  Skimming each short snippet on the writer’s opinion,  I came across one from Jim Chanos,  “In 1998 Business Week put out Read more

Are You Special Ops?

The cover story of the February 23 issue of Newsweek was all about stress—the pluses (yes, apparently there are some benefits that can be had from stress), the minuses;  who handles stress really well (special ops!), and who not so well, and so forth.  Actually, a bit more than I really wanted to know about stress as I tried to figure out whether I was in the special ops group or not.  While all the time, yes, you got it, Read more