I Teach Philanthropy

Dan Pallotta’s been getting a lot of attention lately.   While I find his message a bit of “heard that before,” I still enjoy hearing his message because of the different ways I receive it.  My response varies depending upon what I’ve been working on or thinking or talking about;  like rereading a good book, wondering how you missed something in an earlier read.

Because I’ve been thinking a lot about philanthropy, his question, whether explicit or not, on who is the true philanthropist really resonated. Who?  Read more

November 1st, 2013 1 Comment

Conscience Laundering

Peter Buffet, meet Andrew Carnegie.

Peter, one of Warren Buffet’s sons, has been “trending” of late due to the op-ed piece he had in The New York Times recently.  He makes two very prescient observations that are likely to cause many well-intentioned philanthropists to shudder.  I hope, however, that once the shudder stopped coursing up and down their spines, they, and all of the other philanthropists who read his piece, paused to really think about his point.

Point one, he talks about “philanthropic colonialism”—the philanthropists “urge to save Read more