Distinguishing Management from Leadership

While I have taught classes on leadership, I don’t present myself as an expert on leadership.  That said, and with apologies to all those who have spent their careers studying and pontificating on leadership, I will borrow from the wonderful Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart:  I know good leadership when I see it.

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In my conceptualization of the world, the positions of leader and manager are two different positions, which is not to say that that a leader cannot also be an excellent Read more

1.5 Million is Enough

Bad enough that I had to learn this morning of another nonprofit board that thinks it can do away with its executive director, thereby saving money, and just let board members run the organization.  (That was last week’s rant, I mean blog.)  Boards can’t do their own job!  What makes them think they can do fulfill both the management and governance functions at once and still do well by the organization? 

But now I have to see organizations and individuals all over the country Read more

Ah, Symbiosis

“Are you biased?” asked the MBA student the first night of our Nonprofit Management class offered as an elective in La Salle University’s School of Business MBA program. Good question!

The basis of our question: Do I think nonprofits are better than for-profits? Do I prefer nonprofits to for-profits? Let’s not equate enthusiasm with bias. My mindset isn’t one of opposition, competition and tension, but one of symbiosis.

How often do you read somewhere in the literature of nonprofits that part of the Read more