Disrespecting Nonprofit Leadership

We truly are our own worst enemies, a key purveyor of the negative images of nonprofits that the larger public whole-heartedly believes and takes as gospel.  If we want to dispel those myths—and we absolutely should—we must start on the inside.

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What sparked this?  Don’t ask me why, but The Brady Bunch theme song is tromping on my brain:  here’s the story of a nonprofit struggling to improve itself; here’s the story of a for-profit consultant with an Ivy League degree offering virtually free Read more

Because I Said So

When I moved to Philadelphia almost 35 years ago, and I heard the regional idiom of “down the shore,” I shuddered.   Never, I told myself—and several others—would I ever, ever let phrase pass my lips.  And, to this day, I never have.  I have adopted referring to the beach, language from my native tongue, as “the shore” when I am speaking to the local natives.  But outside of this region it is and always will be “the beach.”

There are some other phrases that I have Read more

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